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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.10%. The average number of likes per post is 41 and the average number of comments is 6.

Skincare_jen19 loves posting about Cooking, Animals & Pets, DIY & Crafts, Hair & Beauty, Food & Drink, Kids & Parenting, Fashion.

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25 3

One of my few items I got from my @influenster campaign box, though what was gifted was a sample sized I loved it so much I went to @ultabeauty and got the full sized one. I am extremely grateful to be picked for this campaign and if you haven't tried @lancomeofficial perfume Idôle you must. It's most definitely one of my current favorites. #idolebylancome #fallskinprepvoxbox #complimentary @lancomeofficial @Influenster #influencer #voxbox #thankyou #campain #lancome #Idole #influenstervoxbox #influenster

15 0

I have the weirdest kitty ever he will literally sit here for hours staring at the soda bubbles in the 711 cup lol he will some times reach out and try and touch them. It's hilarious 😂 #kittyloves711 #kitty #kittycat #cat #catlife #watching #bubbles #sodabubbles #soda #acatandhissoda #instakitty #furbaby #longhairedkitty #blackcat #blackcatlivesmatter #blackcatlover

15 1

Super excited to receive my free samples & full size products from @apricateaesthetics they sent me 3 samples, 1. Natural eneyme peel, 1. Youthful glow exfoliating crystals, 1. Australian pink clay detoxifying mask. The full size products are The Apricate purifying enzyme cleanser and The apricate Naturally Ageless Peptide cream. I CAN NOT wait to try out these all natural Australian made skincare products!!! I am a sucker for a good skincare mask so I have to say im super excited to try out the mask. What product do you think you would enjoy? For more information and their website visit them on Instagram @apricateaesthetics give them a follow and show them some love please and thank you. I also want to say thank you to Emily the creature of Apricate for the skincare its made my day. Off to wash my face 😉💜. #apricate #apricateskincare #apricateaesthetics #skincare #skincareroutine #ilovenaturalskincare #loveyourskin #facemask #enzymepeel #exfoliatingcrystals #exfoliating #influencer #freeproducts #showthemlove

8 0

🌺FACTS🌺 Please take care of your skin from the face to the décolleté! Soo very important and who wants to look old and have fine lines and wrinkles? I know I don't so be sure to keep up on your skincare. If you have questions or want any suggestions on a good skincare routine feel free to inbox me or comment bellow. I would be happy to help. **(Not trying to sell you a product of any kind)** #skincareislife #keepyourskinhealthy #skincare #beauty #antiwrinkles #beauty #skincareroutine #facetodecollete #healthyskin #newskincare #dontagetosoon

23 4

Check out @facetheory and use discount code skincarejen at check out to receive 20% off your order. Link will be in bio for easy access. Code expires October 1st 2020. #skincare #usemycode #savemoney #facetheoryskincare #facetheory #discount #discountcode

38 7

Sporting some @missspabeauty pore sure double detox peel off mask. I found this product at @walgreens and I believe it's one of their new lines because I had never seen it before. I actually really really liked this peel off mask because it peels off really easily. It also cleans out the pores really well. It peels off and almost feels as if the material is like plastic so it makes it easier to peel off. @missspabeauty @walgreens @walgreensdeals #skincare #peeloffmask #missspabeauty #missspabeautydetoxmask #beautyispain #beauty #newskincare #productreview #producttester #walgreensdeals #walgreensfind #influencer

49 4

Happy to receive this @lovephilosophy purity oil free mattifying moisturizer with vitamins and bamboo extract from @influenster yesterday and so far I'm really liking it. It goes on smooth and moisturizes really well and most definitely not at all oily it's almost watery but it leaves the skin feeling really soft and moisturized. Which I need! So this is just what I need thanks to @lovephilosophy and @influenster for the opportunity to try this out free of charge! #influencer #influenster #mosturizer #softskin #philosophy #smooth #skincareisthebest #beauty #skincare #ambassador #moist

47 8

I received this organic candy by xusurrus to try for free in exchange for my personal opinion from @0.8l_usa & @xusurrus I was happy to be picked, only downfall not pregnant but that being said the overall product is pretty darn good. I received the lemon flavored ones that reminded me of some hard candies I would take for morning sickness that I found at the motherhood store locally. Which if these are anything like those one they work wonderfully and I loved them. The flavor of the candy is yummy with a tad bit of sour to them. I even had my boyfriend sample them and he didn't think they were too bad either. Though he didn't say they were his favorite either. lol 🤣 I would have to give this company a 5 out of 5 star rating for a great product for pregnant women. #pregnancy #pregnantwomen #freeproducts #producttester #lovethem #0.8LUSA #beauty #womensproducts #xusurrus #hardcandy #candy #pregnancycandy #tester #cute #trythem

65 11

I received this product from @0.8l_usa and @seviz for free in exchange for my personal opinion on the seviz wooden wireless speaker. I didn't realize it would have been so small which I actually really like That way it doesn't take much room and it looks cute sitting on just about anything. As for the sound I'm not sure of because I haven't plugged it in quite yet. I have just admired the old school look and feel it's got going on which I'm totally digging. You can purchase this item off if Amazon and they make other styles as well. they're worth checking out for decent price. I would give them a 5 out of 5 starts. thanks for the product #bluetooth #speaker #oldschool #retro #producttester #radio #freeproduct #music #loveit

69 12

My overall review on this spray serum is that I love the concept of the spray serum. it makes things extremely easy and when on the go it's great. I unfortunately don't think I like this particular brand (though I'd love love to try some of their other products) or formula. it unfortunately leaves my skin extremely oily and greasy feeling and looking. I have naturally oily skin so I'm sure for myself it's way way to much oil for my skin. The packaging is simple and cute and I love the gold accents. I appreciate the opportunity to try out this product. @0.8l_usa @allurefrombasic #ad #skincare #d'alba #sprayserum #iloveskincare #0.8l #0.8Liter #serum #influencer #beauty #beautiful #review #honestopinionpoetry

54 9

I got the pleasure of sampling the refresh relieva lubricant eye drops Although, not the best eye drops they got the job done in the time of need. I would not go out of my way to buy this product but I would also not discourage anyone in buying this product if they needed quick relief from dry irritated eyes. @hometesterclub #hometestersclub #hometester #productreview #freeproduct #free #influencer #testnreview #refresh #relieva #eyedrops #lovetestingproducts

78 6

This review is for the @medicube_global_official pore cream! I absolutely love the feeling the way this cream leaves my face feeling, so so soft and I love that when skincare does that. It also has a slight smell that isn't bad at all I actually really liked it, it wasn't overwhelming. The cream is a thick ish thin ish cream and feels light weight on the skin. I would most definitely recommend this product to others who are looking for a really good pore cream that helps tighten loose pores, and balances the skin oil/moisture levels. I look forward to see the results of the cream because right away I can feel the softness already. @0.8l_usa #beauty #skincare #0.8L #medicube #porecream #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #follow4follow #ifollowback #influencer #loveyourskin #beautyinfluencer #iloveskincare #skincarecream


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