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She/Her Making+learning+connecting with other makers. Find me on Ravelry or email . Oh, and I love cats. BOS-->SFO-->OAK-->PDX
San Francisco|California
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.10%. The average number of likes per post is 59 and the average number of comments is 4.

40.78% of the followers that engaged with oldsaltstudios regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 9.71% and France at 5.83%. In summary, the top 5 countries of oldsaltstudios's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Mexico.

Oldsaltstudios loves posting about Architecture, Nature & Outdoors, DIY & Crafts.

Check oldsaltstudios's audience demography. This analytics report shows oldsaltstudios's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 40.78 %
  • United Kingdom 9.71 %
  • France 5.83 %
  • Italy 2.91 %
  • Mexico 2.91 %


32 0

Pretty good year for the roses but not my Zinnias, even though last year they were strong and prolific. This is my one Zinnia bloom this year and she only decided to show up this week. I’m not even sure what kind as it was a foraged seed saved from last year. But she is very welcome, amidst the chaos and the autumn leaves.

51 0

Shoot day tomorrow with some extra special prep work this week.

79 4

Utilizing this 100 degree weather weekend to speed block a hat I just knocked together. This little guy dried in, like, two hours! Also playing an intense game of yarn chicken with my at-hand Shelter Snowbound. I did actually rip back most of the crown to work four more rows when I thought I could get away with it. Because a cuffed brim can always do with another few rounds, right? #brooklyntweedshelter #btinthewild #handmadewardrobe

51 1

Hand-dyed yarn, second-hand bowl, and recently acquired Andrew Wyeth catalog from the 1970 MFA, Boston exhibition. Working on a very fun brioche project for next year but I ran out of yarn. So I had to dye up one more skein to finish things off. @brooklyntweed Abor yarn naturally dyed with foraged eucalyptus and madder extract. Came out just the sort of vermillion I was hoping for. #botanicalcolors #naturaldyes #btarbor #handdyedyarn

64 4

Spending some time remembering one of the all-time best friends ever today. This little peachy-pinky-creamy little muffin would have been 12 years old. #therealoaklandetsuko

36 2

It’s this sort of Saturday. #minervajaneofficial

274 29

Wove in the ends of my new Visser sweater last night. I knit this pattern several years ago in Arbor and it’s probably one of my most favorite sweaters. I love all the designs from Anna Maltz, her designs are just so much fun. I mean, look at that corrugated rubbing detail. From the moment I saw this pattern I had to knit it, as it had that cool girl new wave vibe that I’d like to inhabit always. Like Anna Karina on a Sunday. I had started working with Brooklyn Tweed’s new Dapple yarn for another project but just couldn’t motivate to work on it, I just wasn’t having any fun. So I put it aside and started a new Visser, as I knew I would love knitting and wearing this sweater, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The slubbily beautiful Dapple gives the same look as the original yarn used in the pattern, and while Arbor is a perfect DK for me, Dapple is just the thing for this sweater. Full notes up on Rav. Yarn: @brooklyntweed Dapple in Cosmos and Blaze Designer: @sweaterspotter #dappleyarn #brooklyntweed #vissersweater #btinthewild

39 0

Humble fellows, but mine. #jamesgalwayrose

29 0

Sorta summertime backyard foraging.

51 0

Garden production has been all over the place this year, with most things coming in pretty disappointing. Of all the direct sown poppies planted this spring I managed just this one beautiful Shirley Poppy. But one is better than none!

112 11

While I wait for all the quilt blocks to come in for our quilt project, I finished a scarf I started forever ago. Fantastic pattern from @rohrknits from @brooklyntweed’s Wool People 12 collection. A ton of light weight Loft in garter stitch is one of my favorite things to knit. Bonus, it’s a perfect match for little Minnie. #brooklyntweed #loftyarn #ellsworthwrap

74 14

Hello internet friends! I was recently privileged enough to participate in a community quilt project put together by @brttsln, to help raise funds to support people during this particularly difficult time. When working on that project I had a moment of calm when I was doing the final press of my quilt block, before wrapping it up and mailing it off to the organizer. While I certainly had fun working on the block - picking fabrics from my stash and sewing are always at the top of my list of fun things to do - I felt something click with this, I had a moment of “this feels like what I’m supposed to be doing”. Like many of you I have been reading, and talking with my community, and then reading and talking more, and that’s all well and good. Donating to causes that are meaningful to you, if you’re able, is of course fantastic. But it really meant something to me to be able to use my hands and use the skills I have acquired to make a tangible thing that I could send off into the world that would help other people. As a person who lives and breathes textiles and handcrafts, I am hugely indebted to people of color, most of them anonymous, and have been given some of the greatest gifts I could have ever received from BIPOC quilters, knitters, weavers, and natural dyers from around the world, and throughout history. I would like to honor the knowledge they have given me (and that I have taken from them), and raise funds for our current at-risk communities, by calling on you to help make a community quilt. To make participation available to sewists of any level, and because I just love this classic block, I am looking for nine or sixteen patch blocks that I can combine into a quilt top and then have professionally quilted. Ways to participate: 1. Sew up a 9” nine patch block or a 9” sixteen patch block (or both!) and send them to me. 2. Are you a sewing/quilting business who would like to donate materials or services? Quilt batting, long-arm quilting, etc. will be needed to finish the quilt. 3. If you don’t sew you can donate supplies or funds to help make this quilt. 4. Enter the raffle when the quilt is complete! #communityreliefquilt


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